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declassified justice department memo gives the president wide latitude in ordering the strikes and overnight "the new york times" found that some of the strikes originated at a base in saudi arabia. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. yeah, this is coming from a newly declassified document that seems to provide legal rationale for the government to target u.s. abroad suspected of being terrorists without due process. this is an out growth of legislation from soon after 9/11 but now there's an outcry from the u.s. capitol hill and elsewhere that the license to kill goes too far. the white house is vigorously defending a justice department memo which says the administration can use drones to attack and kill american citizens working with terrorists. >> these strikes are legal. they're ethical. and they are wise. >> the memo originally obtained by nbc news says killing a u.s. citizen who is a senior operational leader in al qaeda
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or an associated force is law ulf under three conditions. the suspect is to kill americans. it's not possible to capture him before the attack and it follows law and war principles but some on capitol hill are concerned that the policy violates the constitutional right of american terror suspects to a trial by jury and on tuesday the white house press corps purkedshed obama on the issue. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent for the idea that someone who takes up arms against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy and therefore could be targeted accordingly.
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>> anwar al awlaki was killed at an air base in 2011. anne-marie, there's apparently a growing number of these bases operated by the cia and the military. >> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you. well the white house says president obama will travel to israel this spring. it will be from obama's first trip to israel as president. many israelis believe mr. obama has been less than supportive. he'll also visit the west bank and jordan. now to the budget. the president is proposing another stop gap measure to avert the deep spending cuts due to kick in next month. his proposal to deal with the so-called sequester includes a revenue increase. it's getting a frosty welcome by congressional republicans though. danielle nottingham has that story. >> reporter: president obama is calls for massive across-the-board spending cuts
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with a short-term fix. >> our economy is headed in the right direction and it will stay that way as long as there aren't any more self-inflicted wounds coming out of washington. >> reporter: last year congress and the president signed off on automatic cuts to force themselves to deal with the nation's skyrocketing debt. the original deadline was january 1st and when they couldn't reach a larger budget deal then they post poeped it to march 1st. the white house wants another short term fix to head off the fragile economy and give lawmakers more time to work out a ten-year plan. >> we should give them a chance to come up with this budget instead of making indiscriminate cuts now that will cost us jobs and significantly slow down our recovery. >> reporter: the president continues to push an approach that includes more tax revenue and spending cuts. but house speaker john boehner says tax hikes are out of the question. >> every month under president obama kind of feels the same high unemployment rising prices, and more debt for our kids and our grandkids.
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>> reporter: speaker boehner says he does not want another temporary fix. some house republicans have indicated they will let the automatic cuts take effect if there's no long-term agreement to reduce the deficit. both cuts would take a big bite out of military spending and domestic programs including a 2% hit to medicare. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. we're learning more about the dramatic rescue of that young alabama boy held hostage for a week. the boy identified only by his first name, ethan, celebrated his sixth birthday today. when the fbi stormed the bunker where he was held by his captive, the suspect opened fire. the suspect jimmy lee dykes was killed in that fire fight. dykes was accused of killing ethan's bus driver before kidnapping the boy and it appears he was prepared for a raid. investigators found a bomb in the bunker and one in the pipe dykes used to communicate with the authorities. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: investigators are
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still gathering and processing evidence from the underground bunker where suspect jimmy dykes held ethan captive. the fbi's hostage rescue team stormed into the bunker monday, set off flash grenades, and then shot and killed dykes. the fbi moved in after watching dykes through a camera that was inserted into the bunker during a standoff. cbs news senior correspondent john miller is a former assistant fbi director. >> cameras can be introduced through fiberoptic lenses which can be drilled into a pinhole in the wall. >> reporter: miller says the fbi will not reveal their spy tactics because they want to keep them secret for the next hostage situation. students returned to midland elementary. a sign outside the school honors bus driver charles poland who tried to stop the kidnapper. the other side has a happy birthday message for ethan who turns 6 years old on wednesday. the principal says they're planning a big party for ethan when his mom says he's ready. >> because we don't want to push it on him too fast.
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>> reporter: ethan's old bus was retired and replaced with a brand-new one. >> we didn't feel that the healing process would go on with that bus still here. >> reporter: marlie hall for cbs news, midland city, alabama. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, overseas markets got a boost and postal problems. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> and good morning to you, anne-marie. well, top official's resignation from the bank of japan spurred asian markets this morning. tokyo's nikkei jumped 3% to close out a four-year high while hong kong's hang sang sank half a percent. wall street bounced back tuesday from its biggest loss in the year thanks to surging home prices and strong earnings reports. the dow shot up 99 points to close at 13,979 while the nasdaq gained 40 points. the end of an era at the post office may be near. after losing $16 billion last year, the postmaster general is expected to announce today plans
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to cut costs. one plan mentioned in the past includes ending saturday delivery for first-class mail. the postal service has already slashed hours and trimmed its work force by 35%. rumors about dell giving up on wall street and going private are true. the struggling computer company announced an almost $25 billion buyout on tuesday led by founder michael dell. it would be the largest deal of its kind since the great recession. dell hopes to complete the transaction by the end of july. the justice department says they've broken up one of the biggest credit card fraud rings of all time. 18 people were arrested tuesday accused of creating fake i.d.s to steal over $200 million. the fbi says the ring operated in at least 28 states and several countries where the money was used to fund lavish lifestyles. >> a man who found a rare baseball card at a yard sale in maine is about to become very rich.
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it's a picture of the brooklyn atlantics taken back in 1865. check that out. there are only two cards like it in the entire world. the card hits the auction block today and is expected to fetch at least $100,000. and super bowl mvp joe flacco got the keys to a new corvette at a huge tax bill. the sports car is worth about $60,000. if he decides to keep it he'll have to pay about $25,000 in taxes. but don't worry. he can certainly afford it. he's a free agent and expected to find a contract worth about $20 million. what a problem to have. anne-marie? >> ashley morrison here in new york. thank you, ashley. well coming up on the "morning news," boy scout ranks. some struggle over the change in policy. this is the "cbs morning news."
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small. a victory for same-sex marriage in england. british lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to legalize gay marriage on tuesday. if it becomes law, it will allow gay couples to be married in religious and civil ceremonies as long as the religious institution agrees. it still has to be approved by the house of lords. and today is the day for boy scouts. the executive board will vote on the rule to allow gay members. it will allow each individual troop to adopt its own policy on the issue. john black stone looks at both sides of the issue. >> reporter: boy scout steve tenent and his 16-year-old son
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christopher have been involved in the last five years. they're straight but don't like the policy excluding gays. >> i have a huge problem with that. >> reporter: what did you learn when you found that a local troop threw out a kid because he was gay? >> i was shocked. shocked and amazed. appalled. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the teen thrown out last october was 18-year-old ryan andresen who was about to become an eagle scout. >> it's totally devastating. >> i can't imagine ever doing that to a boy, but that's what this policy would have me do. >> reporter: but others in scouting warning quickly changing banning gays. he's with the salt lake city boy scout council that has over 100,000 members. >> we were caught completely off guard with it. we've had a policy that's been in place for over a hundred years that seems to have functioned for the most part soundly. >> reporter: in a letter to the boy scout board of directors, godfrey's council urged that voting on the change be delayed.
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the tenent however, say a younger generation of scouts is ready to sep gays. as a 16-year-old going on a camping trip does gay scouts going along bother you? >> it doesn't bother me at all. >> reporter: proponents of it say it could lead to problems at large group events like jamborees. there's also concern it could open scout groups to continue to exclude gays to lawsuits charging discrimination. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. straight ahead, your weather, and in sports a race against time for lindsey vonn. the skier suffers a devastating injury with just over a year before the winter olympics begin. before the winter olympics begin. can't always move the way she wants. now you can. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. stayfree. [ female announcer ] neil lane designs
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, snow showers, a high of 40. miami, a high of 80. chicago, sun and clouds, a chilly 34. dallas showers, 70 the high. and los angeles, 63. and time now for a check of the national forecast. another round of snow for parts of the midwest. expect a wintry mix of ice and rain from minnesota through ohio through thursday night. thunderstorms with high winds, hail, and isolated tornadoes are all possible across texas and louisiana. look for light snow in the northeast and another storm arrives in the northwest. in sports they celebrated
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its champions on tuesday. thousands of baltimore raven fans packed the town square. the ravens paraded through downtown baltimore in military vehicles and were met by more than 70,000 supporters at m&t bank stadium. retired linebacker ray lewis came out of the tunnel one last time holding the lombardi trophy. authorities say about 100,000 fans took part in the celebration. in baseball, allegations of performance-enhancing drug use are swirling around former mvp ryan braun once again. yahoo! sports reports braun's name appears from a clinic that allegedly supplied rodriguez with p.e.d.s. braun says he used the person who ran the clinic as a consultant while fighting a drug suspension last year. the brewers' star maintained his innocence in that case and had the suspension overturned. well, the 2014 winter olympics begin in a year and a day and american skier lindsey vonn is going to need just about
4:17 am
all that time to rehab from a horrific leg injury. vonn suffered two torn knee lig ligaments and a fractured leg when she crashed yesterday in australia. the 28-year-old had to be airlifted off the slope. the u.s. air team says she should be ready for the 2014 games. in the nba the lakers making their first trip to brooklyn. the game tied at 80 late in the fourth when kobe bryant gets his hands on the ball. >> bryant goes to work. surprise. kobe bryant with an attack. >> that was two of kobe's 21 points, and the nets never recovered. the lakers go on a 14-3 run to end the game and win 92-83. when we return, swift justice. an inmate behaving badly in court finds out the hard way why you should treat the judge with respect. [ bleep ]. >> come back again.
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this morning, the search for their killer. what we're learning about the crime - and victims - this morning. plus: a strong quake strikes the south pacific. we've got new images of evacuations just into the newsroom. and it's one of the strangest c- h-p calls in memory... a camel hit by a minivan on bay area road. how some cowboys helped save the day join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., sunny, 45. atlanta, 65 the high. mostly sunny in st. louis, 48. denver, 56, seattle, showers, high of 48. north korea released a disturbing new propaganda video. it shows a man dreaming about new york city being engulfed in flames while the song "wee are the world" plays in the background. it was posted saturday on youtube but was removed after complaints that some of the video was lifted from the game "call of duty." a miami woman learned the hard way not to make a judge angry. after the judge set bail at $5,000, the woman seemed to think it was a joke and said "adios." so he called her back and set bail at $10,000. then she made an obscene gesture, so he called her back again. >> did you say that? >> yes, sir, i did.
4:21 am
>> oh you did say that? >> uh-huh. >> i find you in contempt. 30 days in the county jail. >> the woman had been arrested for drugs. well the galaxy far, far away is getting bigger. the director and ceo of walt disney says it's working on standalone films. disney which purchased the rights to "star wars" last year is already working on a new trilogy that will be separate from the spin-off. this is your "morning news." on a new trilogy which will be separate from the spin-off. this is your "morning news." [ lane ] are you growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one
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a war a war veteran's search for adventure has given him a lifetime's worth of adrenaline-pumping experiences. as chip reid reports, his disabilities are actually helping him realize his dreams. >> reporter: when we met todd love last year, he was learning how to kayak, and that's no small accomplishment because
4:24 am
love is a triple amputee. as a u.s. recon marine in afghanistan two years ago, he lost both legs and a left forearm to a land mine. love told us then that kayaking didn't completely satisfy his need for adventure. >> i want to go skydiving soon. it shouldn't be a problem to do that. >> reporter: he was right. since then he's done four tandem jumps and hopes eventually to dive solo and that wasn't the end of his wish list. >> i've always wanted to wrestle an alligator. >> reporter: animal planet got word of that and invited him to appear on "gator boys." >> i hope he doesn't get tired of me being on top of him because i'm bite side. >> reporter: love also recently became a fully certified scuba diver. >> i feel like i can do anything i can put my mind to. for me, that's way more than
4:25 am
having two legs. it's priceless. >> reporter: he put his mind to surfing and was doing hand stands within minutes. and he can't get enough of the demolition derby in a car he controls by hand. >> i would say the adrenaline rush was probably the most significant. >> reporter: the most intense of all your activities? >> yeah. it's up there with -- it's though with combat. ♪ >> reporter: his next adventure, going to college. it makes him more nervous, he says, than jumping out of a plane, but he's determined to succeed. you don't spend a lot of time feeling sorry for yourself. >> no, no. i mean -- well i don't have a reason to feel sorry for myself. a lot of times no conversation at all, people come up, see me, thank me for my service, i see the tears in their eyes. and there's nothing -- there's not much i can say, you know. in my mind i just wish these
4:26 am
people knew, you know. i just wish they knew what i was thinking, how much i love my life. ♪ >> reporter: todd love says he's always on a lookout for a new adventure and predicts he'll still be doing something crazy when he's 90 years old. chip reid, cbs news, georgia. >> what's left to do? well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," new details on the rescue of a boy taken hostage in alabama. john miller takes a look at the investigation. plus, skier lindsey vonn's bad fall at the super-g. we'll get an update on how she's doing. and lisa ling tells us about a new reality show where people compete for jobs. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. envelope ing vchlt great day. -- captions by vitac -- &
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mallicoat. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald and i'm michelle griego. time is 4:-- good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, february 6. i'm frank mallicoat. i have no clue who this is. [ laughter ] >> i know. did you miss me? >> yeah. i did, actually. i'm glad you're back. >> i'm michelle griego. time is 4:30. did you hear that pause? >> well, yeah. we were all kind of thinking that. [ laughter ] >> hope you had a good vacation. >> don't let him fool you. >> i missed you. >> did you work? >> were you working or did you just enjoy you time? we have changes in the weather. the humidity they have in other parts of the country, not here. it's cold. we have mostly clear skies. high pressure holding on for now but we have a storm off the coast that will bring us rain.
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we'll talk more about that coming up. >> overnight roadwork including the nimitz. this is 880 near the coliseum. it runs from 23rd all the way down to hayward. we'll talk much more about that plus the rest of your morning drive. it's all coming up. we are getting live pictures now out of florida. a bakery truck is hanging over the edge of a freeway overpass. this is in fort lauderdale. police say two people were inside when it crash. one person was rescued and taken to a hospital. another person is said to be inside and unresponsive. we have developing news from the north bay of a triple murder. investigators are still on the scene this morning and they are searching for the killer. three men were found shot to death in a home on ross station road outside sonoma county town of forrestville. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in sonoma county and has the very latest now. anne, good morning. reporter: investigators have been doing more interviews overnight. they are
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